Computer Repairs, Support and Services In Solihull, Birmingham and The West Midlands


Computer/Laptop hardware repairs and upgrades:

Broken laptop screen? Drive not booting? Machine running really slow?

We have all the tools, skills and patience to sort these and a host of related hardware issues. We have a particular skill of recovering data. You may be amazed how a few relatively small upgrades can have your ‘old’ machine running as new. In addition to this you’re also playing a better part in keeping electrical equipment out of landfill sites and helping the environment.

We are also happy to provide impartial advice on new/replacement IT equipment. Written quotes are available with manufacturing details and specifications, which can be used for supplier comparisons, or purchased from us using our excellent hardware/software supplier.

Computer/Laptop system repairs:

One way to solve computer issues is to simply reset the machine to factory settings and then reload all your programmes and files created over many years. This is a reasonable option but it can entail a lot of work to get your computer back to how you would like it to be. It also assumes that you can get to your original programs and have the relevant license codes to hand, and most importantly have good backups of your data. We offer a service to try and sort your issue before such a last resort step is needed.

Consultancy/Technical support

So many terms to get your head around, so many changes occurring. We offer genuine, no strings attached, impartial advice so you are better equipped to make your own choices. If you wish we are prepared to turn our advice into practical help.

We don’t understand everything, but our knowledge is wide ranging extending to networks, backing up your data, security issues, routers, modems, anti-virus products, best practice on the Internet etc.

We also have a broad base of contacts that provide additional services, for example, web design and hosting.